Zing EV Power

Zing EV Power is a national provider and installer of EV charging stations hardware and software.

We are committed to design and deploy the most efficient and cost effective electric charging solutions to help enable the seismic shift from fossil fuels to Electric powered Vehicles.

We provide our clients with:

  • Initial consultation to provide best fit solutions.

  • Payback analysis, where appropriate.

  • Applying/filing for local, state and federal incentive.

  • Design of Level 1, 2 and 3 EV charging infrastructure.

  • Selection of appropriate hardware/software products.

  • Manage all installation and maintenance services.

  • Charging stations revenue collection and remittance.

EV CHARGING Stations Options

While Level 3 DC charging stations are the fastest way to change an electric vehicle, they are not necessarily the best suited solution for all applications. For example, in a residential setting, where a vehicle is parked 8, 10 or more hours per day, a Level 1 charger provides a simple and inexpensive solution.

BELOW we summarize the differences in charging station technology:

Daily Usage / Long Duration Charging

Economical Option for Residential Service

The most affordable and frequently used charging station is a Daily Usage / Long Duration Charging

Top UPS / Transient Parking

Fast Charging Option for Commercial Spaces Like Truck Stop or Shopping Mall

This offering is more suitable for commercial space. This charging stations provide more power

Super Charging / On Route Quick Charging

Super Charging / On Route Quick Charging

Providing super charging capabilities by charging a depleted battery to 100% in an hour or less.

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