Zing EV Power services are tailored to help improve facilities by addressing Electric Vehicle charging needs, with special emphasis on safety, security, durability, cost-benefit, functionality and operational considerations. We carefully and skillfully advise our clients on Level 1,2,3 charging system selection and the software managed revenue stream.

EV Charging needs and design are different for long term and transient parking facilities. At Zing EV Power we consult with our clients to help select which level charging hardware, Level 1,2 or 3, is most beneficial.

Level 1

The most affordable and frequently used charging station is a level 1 charger providing 120 volts of electricity at 20amps. This charger is suitable for electric vehicles that will remain parked for extended period of time lasting 4 hours or more, such as parking at home or work. Examples of places level 1 chargers can be seen and accessed would be apartment complexes, large office facilities, schools, airports, hotels, hospitals etc.

Level 2

This offering is more suitable for commercial space. Level 2 charging stations provide more power, 208 volts at 50amps. This provides a faster charge for consumers that plan on their vehicle being parked in a space less than 4 hours. Examples of this would be at a mall, shopping plaza, restaurants, gyms, and municipal parking spaces such as the beach.

Level 3

Providing super charging capabilities by charging a depleted battery to 100% in an hour or less. This charger provides 480 volts at 100amps. Uses for a super charger such as a level 3 would be for rest stop highway areas, truck stops, freight shippers such as Swift, Amazon, Walmart, Target etc., and some specialty gas stations may offer a super charging option.

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