Who Is
Zing EV Power?

Zing EV Power Inc., is a division of CPL Group USA Inc., a company with decades of experience in helping clients in the commercial/residential/institutional real estate industry manage complex energy distribution infrastructures with services ranging from power distribution grid analysis to energy monitoring/metering, electrical infrastructure construction, maintenance and upgrades.

CPL Group USA Inc., created Zing EV Power to specifically address and integrate the Electric Vehicle charging needs as part of its electric grid infrastructure service offerings.

As an EV Charging Software And Equipment Infrastructure company Zing EV Power

Dario Gristina CEO

With over 30 years of experience in the energy management sector, Dario is a creative and determined electrical engineer and inventor with a long history of building many successful entrepreneurial businesses. As CEO of Zing EVPower, part of CPL Group USA, he brings his passion for technology and innovation to the Electric Vehicle Charging Station market with his focus on Alternative Energy solutions and associated vertical market components. In his free time, Dario takes time to aid those in need, having contributed to numerous organizations in NYC and Chicagoland areas raising money and contributing his time to various charitable organizations such as Project H.O.O.D and a world renowned organization, Fountain House. He currently serves as Co-Chairman of the Fountain Gallery Advisory Board.

Zing EV Power

Making Charging Simple.

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